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Art Curator JapanThe exhibition Filles d'Ariane will be open from August 18th to September 22th.

Ariadne, Princess of Knossos and half-sister of the dreaded Minotaur, is often referred to as the Mistress of the Labyrinth in ancient myths. In “Filles d’Ariane”, photographer Patrice Delmotte shares his favorite landscape, the bodies of Asian women, with maze artist Baptiste Tavernier for a unique collaboration: an encounter between street art, body painting and nude photography. This project, full of energy, of contrasts and motion, unveils an original and intriguing world where the sensual daughters of Ariadne continue watching over the secrets of the Labyrinth.

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Exhibition in France

Art curator Japan - neo japonismeFor the 160th anniversary of France/Japan diplomatic relationships, The Japan Fondation organises several exhibitions in Paris and other French cities. For this occasion, Art Curator Japanwill host in Vaison-la-Romaine’s cultural centre, from July 12 to Septembre 29 an exhibition entitled  Neo Japonisme — Résonances 2018.

The show will feature 7 Japanese artists, Beniko Choji, Arisa Okazaki, ARTIST Miu, Emi Uchida, Fuh-Mi, Yujin Koyama and Masato Shigemori ; and 3 French artists, the maze specialist Baptiste Tavernier, Alain Vaissiere et Stephane Ferrero.

Japanese art and culture revolve around the “confrontation” between the immutability of codes and conventions and the constant desire for modernity. The exhibition Neo Japonisme – Résonances 2018 invites the visitors to take a closer look at this paradox. This project is part of a national initiative that highlights the exceptional partnership between France and Japan.

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