Urooj Amna

Amna Urooj is an Art student from Lahore Pakistan, currently doing MFA (Hons) in Visual Arts.


As an Art student I am personally drawn to colors and I choose ‘color healing’ for my painting subject which is more going towards spirituality/spiritual light. My work is based on “Inner Healing”. As we know Art also consider therapy itself because of the colors and the aesthetics. Colors fascinate me soothe me. In my work I choose some healing smooth and serene colors.

I am inspired from ancient color therapy for healing which has been used for healing since the beginning of time, it is well documented that in ancient civilizations such as Greece and Egypt they used color in their temples of healing. The Chinese also used color and the mystics, India associated colors with the chakras.

I also tried to know the other theories about the inner peace and healing. Most of my work is based on the Spirituality and color healing, as I’m inspired from some healing therapies, I picked ‘color therapy’ for my Art work.

Website: Amna4work.crevado.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/art.amna

Selected Works