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portraitJason Leisering, Born 1979, American.  Leisering began formal art training at the age of 16.  He attended Parsons School of Design in New York City and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in 2001.  Over the course of his career he has worked in multiple styles and with a variety of media.  Leisering has shown his work in the United States, Europe, and Asia.  He is a juried member of numerous regional and national art groups in the United States and Taiwan. He has won numerous awards and his work is collected internationally. He currently resides in Taiwan.


Jason Leisering’s work is process driven, concerning itself with materials, layering, color, composition, emotional expression and formal art principles. Leisering works in a broad range of media including drawing, painting, mixed media, photography, video, and digital processes. The object and how it is done is more important to Leisering than the subject.  He consistently concerns himself with the themes of Humanism, Emotions, Mood, Expressionism, Landscape, Nature, Natural Processes, Structures, Time, and the Human Condition.  In recent years, his work has centered around the landscape and abstraction. He prefers to not overly define his work due to his works broad international audience.  Leisering instead, prefers his viewers to develop their own opinions, ideas, feelings, moods and emotions in conjunction with his work. Leisering’s work serves as a catalyst for the viewer to access their deeper emotions, moods, ideas, thoughts, sense of place, identity, and also opens peoples minds to think in new ways.

Some people ask the artist, “What is it?”, Leisering responds by asking the following questions, What does it feel like? What emotions do you feel? What is it’s mood? If it was music what would it sound like? Where is it? If you could walk into the work; where would you go? If you could put your hand in it what would it feel like? What is it’s history? How do you think it was made? What would it feel like to make it? In this way, Leisering leaves his work open to be enjoyed as a simple visual experience or also as a much deeper emotional and intellectual experience.  Leisering’s body of work follows the examples of Picasso, Jean Arp, and Gerhard Richter in undermining the artist’s obligation to maintain a single cohesive style.

Website:  www.jasonleisering.com

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アーティストに「これは何か?」と尋ねる人がいるが、リースリングはこう尋ね返す。「あなたはどう感じますか? どんな感情を覚えますか? ここにあるムードは何でしょう? もしこれが音楽だとしたら、どんな音ですか? これはどこでしょう? もし作品の中に入って行ったら、あなたはどこへ行くと思いますか? 手を入れられるとしたら、どんな感じがするでしょうか? この歴史は何でしょう? この作品がどうやって作られたと思いますか? これを作るとき、どんな気持ちだったでしょうか?」このように、リースリングは、観覧者が純粋に視覚的な体験を楽しむか、或いはもっと深い感情を伴う知的な体験を味わえるよう、彼の作品を観覧者に明け渡すのだ。リースリングは、ピカソ、ジャン・アルプ、ゲルハルド・リヒターの例にならい、アーティストは一つのスタイルに固執するべきではないとの立場で作品を制作している。