Masako Takamasu

Masako Takamasu is an artist who seeks new possibilities within the frames of Japanese graceful beauty and abstract painting. Born in Hirado, Japan, an island located on the west side of Kyushu, she grew up in a big family. In those days, drawing and painting were the only time whenContinue Reading

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Jun Someya, born 1976 in Kanagawa. After working for several years in an office, he decided to quit his position and to become a professional artist.  “I have been working on the contrast between red and greyscale for a couple years already. In life, many things lay on top ofContinue Reading

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ARTIST miu, born 1975 in Japan, graduated from Takarazuka Art and Design University and studied under GUTAI master Shozo Shimamoto. She works mainly with cement, concrete and plastic materials. Through her art, she tries to sublimate the mirthless negativity associated with concrete into works that radiate hope and happiness. Concrete andContinue Reading

Taisuke Fujiwara

Taisuke Fujiwara, born 1988 in Gunma, received his Master degree in 2013 from the Tōhoku University of Art & Design. Although still a young artist, he has already participated in numerous group exhibitions and hold half a dozen solo exhibitions in Japan. Fujiwara has developed a passion for the shambles ofContinue Reading

Stéphane Ferrero

Stephane Ferrero is a French photographer based in Asia. Ferrero has been immersed into arts and introduced to art history at very young age. Aware of this heritage, he always put his own work into perspective, endeavoring to push it farther with every new project. His artwork is strongly influenced by documentaryContinue Reading

Nerina Lascelles

Nerina Lascelles is an accomplished Melbourne Artist who has been exhibiting in Australia and internationally for over 20 years.  Her paintings are part of private collections in Australia, Singapore, UK, America and Japan. Nerina’s artistic practice combines the influences of the ancient artwork from Japan, an understanding of Zen Buddhist philosophyContinue Reading

Masato Shigemori

Shigemori Masato was born in 1979 in Hiroshima. Although he never experienced war, Shigemori has been deeply marked by the tragedy of the atomic bombing over his hometown. This is a recurring theme in his discussions and has largely influenced his artistic choices. Yet, where some artists would have developed aContinue Reading

Hajime Kinoko

Hajime Kinoko is a Japanese bondage/shibari artist and a photographer, now considered the leading modern rope artist of Japan. Japanese bondage is usually perceived as erotic, but Kinoko prefers to interpret it as “pop” and endeavors to sublimate it into art. His unique works where he ties natural elements (wood, trees, rocks,Continue Reading