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Amna Urooj

Amna Urooj is an Art student from Lahore Pakistan, currently doing MFA (Hons) in Visual Arts. Statement As an Art student I am personally drawn to colors and I choose ‘color healing’ for my painting subject which is more going towards spirituality/spiritual light. My work is based on “Inner Healing”.Read More →

Anna Rosenback

Anna Rosenbäck was born in Moscow, lives and works near Stockholm, Sweden. She began painting at the age of 11 and as a multi styled artist she explored various techniques and have created a broad range of artworks in many techniques; drawing, mixed media and primarily oil painting. After aRead More →

Jermick Wawoe

Jermick Wawoe (1985), graduated in Fine Arts at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. As an artist, Jermick Wawoe is inspired by a wide range of sources such as books, films and arts but also at the moment between his reality and dreams. Jermick Wawoe is influencedRead More →

Alex Lazard

Alex G Lazard Was born in Mexico City in 1986. He has studied at ¨Esmeralda¨ in Mexico City, and other places abroad, such as ¨ub¨ in Barcelona, Spain, and ¨Angel academy of classic art” in Florence, Italy. His most recent individual exhibition was held in ¨Casa Barragan¨ Mexico City inRead More →

Vesa Kivinen

Vesa Kivinen produces various mixed media works by taking photographs of his oil and body-paintings as well as images from nature. The digital collages are then printed onto high end diasec, canvas, re-painted canvas and poster prints. Vesa is best known for his collaboration with the Bollywood actress Veena MalikRead More →

Patrice Delmotte

I was born in June 1951, in Roubaix, an industrial city in North of France. I grow up and work there until January 1979 where I moved to Taipei, Taiwan, for professional reason. In May 1986, I married my lovely Amy who gave us a beautiful son, Julien. Why photography?Read More →

Michael Vincent Manalo

Michael  Vincent  Manalo  (born 1986,  Manila,  Philippines)  makes  photos,  installations  and  mixed  media  artworks.  By  contesting  the  division  between  the  realm  of  memory  and  the  realm  of  experience,  Manalo  uses  a  visual  vocabulary  that  addresses  many  different  social  and  political  issues.  The  work  incorporates  time  as  well  as  space  –a Read More →