Masato Shigemori

Shigemori Masato was born in 1979 in Hiroshima. Although he never experienced war, Shigemori has been deeply marked by the tragedy of the atomic bombing over his hometown. This is a recurring theme in his discussions and has largely influenced his artistic choices. Yet, where some artists would have developed aContinue Reading

Hajime Kinoko

Hajime Kinoko is a Japanese bondage/shibari artist and a photographer, now considered the leading modern rope artist of Japan. Japanese bondage is usually perceived as erotic, but Kinoko prefers to interpret it as “pop” and endeavors to sublimate it into art. His unique works where he ties natural elements (wood, trees, rocks,Continue Reading

Alain Gelberger

Alain Gelberger is a French artist who lives and works in Paris. A photographer by profession, he draws his inspiration from the world that surrounds him, more specifically from the urban world. In fact, he photographs what is called “Urban Traces” that everybody walks by everyday. He uses all sortsContinue Reading

Emi Uchida

Emi Uchida, worked first in the Japanese fashion industry before entirely dedicating herself to her artistic carrer. Her style is based on the line, simple and pure. However, once that line is multiplied ans aggregated, it generates a complex structure of imbricated spaces: the line has become a boundary. UchidaContinue Reading


Brian Schorn is an American multi-disciplinary artist practicing out of his Studio Rubedo workshop where he uses a variety of media including assemblage, collage, painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography. He has extensive education in the arts with MFA degrees in visual art, electronic music, creative writing and graphic design. SinceContinue Reading

Beniko Choji

Beniko Choji, born in 1991, graduated in 2013 from Joshibi University of Art & Design in Tokyo. She specialized in “traditional Japanese painting”, but paradoxically began her career as a designer in a jewelery company. During that time, her main job was to create custom handmade accessories and jewels. However,Continue Reading

Art curator Japan - neo japonisme

For the 160th anniversary of France/Japan diplomatic relationships, The Japan Fondation organises several exhibitions in Paris and other French cities. For this occasion, Art Curator Japan will host in Vaison-la-Romaine’s cultural centre, from July 12 to Septembre 29 an exhibition entitled  Neo Japonisme — Résonances 2018. The show will feature 7Continue Reading

Baptiste Tavernier

Baptiste Tavernier, born 1981 in Vaison-la-Romaine, pursues a creative path that has led him from experimental music to contemporary art through the martial arts of Japan. Tavernier studied digital arts and musical composition at Paris University. He changed path in 2006 and decided to join the prestigious Martial Arts UniversityContinue Reading