Axel Wilhite

Axel Wilhite is a Los Angeles-based artist and writer. He holds an MFA in fiction writing from New York University. His interest in the intersection of literature, storytelling, and visual art has led to numerous collaborations and experiments. The first international exhibition of his art, “Un Jeu de Cartes,” was heldContinue Reading

art curator japan

Ariadne, Princess of Knossos and half-sister of the dreaded Minotaur, is often referred to as the Mistress of the Labyrinth in ancient myths. In “Filles d’Ariane”, photographer Patrice Delmotte shares his favorite landscape, the bodies of Asian women, with maze artist Baptiste Tavernier for a unique collaboration: an encounter betweenContinue Reading

art curator japan

ARTIST miu, born 1975 in Japan, graduated from Takarazuka Art and Design University and studied under GUTAI master Shozo Shimamoto. She works mainly with cement, concrete and plastic materials. Through her art, she tries to sublimate the mirthless negativity associated with concrete into works that radiate hope and happiness. Concrete andContinue Reading

Yujin Koyama

Yujin Koyama was born 1949 in Niigata. At the time he graduated from medical school, he could not reconcile himself to give up his passion for art in order to take his position at his family clinic. Since then, he has pursued 3 careers at the same time: medical doctor, artistContinue Reading

Touria Ammari

Touria Ammari was born in 1964 in Marrakech, Morocco and was raised in France. She is now a Canadian citizen. She is an interior designer and an artist. Since 90s, she has been travelling intensively all over the world and has lived in various countries such as United States, Colombia,Continue Reading

Patrice Delmotte

Patrice Delmotte is a French photographer born in Roubaix in 1951. Delmotte is an autodidact who learnt photography by studying the works of the old masters. Antique sculptures, Flemish and Italian painters, and photography pioneers…  His black and white photos are strongly influenced by Sebastião Salgado on one hand, and byContinue Reading

Arisa Okazaki

Arisa Okazaki, born 1983 in Nagasaki, explores all the techniques of ink painting since her childhood. She studied of course the sumi-e tradition, an exacting discipline that forbids retouching and fixing and where each brush stroke is absolute, final. She is also interested in the Western aesthetics, especially abstract art, inContinue Reading

Art Curator Japan

Art Curator Japan participated in “Art Square Taipei 2017” this November at Taipei Grand Hotel in Taiwan and exhibited 10 artists from Japan, France, USA, Australia, Cuba and Russia.  Art Square Taipei was held by non-profit organizations, named TECA, which owns the credit of having organized many successful exhibitions inContinue Reading