Patrice Delmotte

Patrice Delmotte is a French photographer born in Roubaix in 1951. Delmotte is an autodidact who learnt photography by studying the works of the old masters. Antique sculptures, Flemish and Italian painters, and photography pioneers…  His black and white photos are strongly influenced by Sebastião Salgado on one hand, and byContinue Reading

Art curator japan

Art Curator Japan participated in “Art Square Taipei 2017” this November at Taipei Grand Hotel in Taiwan and exhibited 10 artists from Japan, France, USA, Australia, Cuba and Russia.  Art Square Taipei was held by non-profit organizations, named TECA, which owns the credit of having organized many successful exhibitions inContinue Reading

Lai Jun Jun

Born in Taipei, 1953, she graduated from Fine Arts Department of Chinese Culture University, 1974, pursued and acquired her master degree in graphical design at Tama Art University, Tokyo, 1978. Lai was consecutively awarded with “Modern Sculpture Exhibition” and “Contemporary Trends in Chinese Art Exhibition” held by Taipei Fine ArtsContinue Reading